Expected User Conduct on the VEX Forum

In the last few months, and especially recently, there has been an influx of posts that for a multitude of reasons can only be described as inappropriate.

I had previously made this post:

This is a more formal request that all users revisit and reread the Community Guidelines before they post again. As well, this link from the University of Queensland is a very easily digestible resource for online etiquette. Obviously the links are UQ links, but the content is applicable across the entirety of the internet.

The moderation team is open and understanding. We have been very lenient and giving many warnings. However, we will now be enforcing the rules more strictly to ensure that all users are safe and comfortable here on the Forum. We only want to allow for a place where the community can safely share their thoughts and opinions.

This thread will act as every user’s first warning. Please act, and post, accordingly.

Thank you.