Explain what is a functional part 3d printed

is a 3d printed bracket a functional part or un functional

i want to make a stand off type thing hard to explain just need a easy way to get a motor in a higher spot

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Rule of thumb:

If u can take off the 3D printed part and the robot functions just as well as it did with the part on, it is nonfunctional. If the robot doesn’t work as well or doesn’t work at all, the 3D printed part is functional.


That would be a functional part, and thus not allowed (unless you’re in VEXU - but I imagine you’re not since you asked).

A good question to ask yourself is “If I take this part off, will the functionality of my robot be affected in any way?” If yes, it’s a functional part.


thank u all that makes more sense and im in edr

I made a similar topic about this called Is it legal to use 3d printed parts in VRC And we came to the conclusion that you can only use it for wire management but its unneccessary since you have zipties.

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