Extending Reverse Stacker Idea

And how to you slant it back? Sorry for the load of questions.

We build what is called an infinite stacker. It’s a similar idea to what you are thinking. We scraped it because it was to hard for 1 motor to push up even a little bit. How many motors are you planning on putting on it? Also how are you getting cubes in the towers?

We are planning on using 2 motors

Wait…am I misunderstanding something or is this number for the whole bot?

I thought you can use 8 motors without pneumatics.

That’s true. But you’re not using two on your whole bot are you? Cause that’s a little too low

6 for drive and 2 for the stacker

Ok that makes more sense

How to you make it so it is pushed by the cubes so it can move freely up and how do you slant it back?

it doesnt put cubes ion towers. it just stacks

Thanks dude but this was resolved 6 months ago

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do you have any for build for those kind of robotic so i really liked this kind so please email me jager.alfred@stu.ksd.kyschools.us so thank you.

they can’t pm yet b/c they have TL0

I don’t really understand what your saying, do u want ideas, or instructions on how to build this kind of robot?

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Yes, because I have competition on Feb 27, 2020. So, I need get idea for pick up the 6 inches cube and 18 inches height.

btw the cubes are 5.5x5.5in. but If you want Ideas (you answered a this or that question with yes) you should look at…

There are other designs you can look for, but right now, these bots are the meta.
Please don’t holecount these robots though. You can make a bot like these ones, but it shouldn’t be a copy. Vex is about learning, and you won’t learn anything just copying these robots. I would use a design similar to the last one b/c those are easier for beginners imo.