Extra Items to V5 system bundle

I’m about to buy the V5 system bundle and motors and I am wondering about any extra items I should buy in addition. For example, how many and what type of wires or charger cables etc.

IIRC all needed charging cables are included.

My conversations with VEX Sales indicate that for competition, you’ll probably want 2 batteries, so you probably want to toss on another one of those.

Maybe buy some extra RJ11 cables, but VEX doesn’t sell those.

VEX does sell the RJ11 cables. They have indicated that off the shelf RJ11 cables will not work well. The cables that VEX will sell are heavier gauge that off the shelf and are better able to handle the current loads. They will sell standard lengths as well has a spool of cable, the connectors and a crimping tool so teams can make their own custom lengths.

Oh, I didn’t know that! It’s not listed anywhere on their site. It’s kind of annoying that off the shelf RJ11’s won’t work

One thing we need to clarify. A V5 smart cable is not an RJ11 cable. There’s a huge amount of mis information on the internet and terms like RJ11 often get used incorrectly. RJ11 (Registered Jack 11) is a telco standard for connecting a single telephone service using a 6P2C (6 position, 2 conductor) modular connector (in recent years, it used to use a different connector)

The V5 smart cable uses a 4P4C (4 position, 4 conductor) modular connector. The closest thing to a standard cable would be a telephone handset cable but, although this can be labeled with names such as RJ9 and RJ22, they are not technically part of the FCC Registered Jack standard (as far as I know) because there would be no direct connection to a service provider using those cables.

Another thing, will we also be needing power expanders for the new V5?

No, it’s not needed :slight_smile: