Extract one function from SmartMotorLib

Hi, I’m using Jpearman’s Smart Motor Lib, which can be found here , to find the current in just one motor, however, the SmartMotorLib seems to be messing with my auton Codes. Does anyone know how i could get just the “SmartMotorGetCurrent” Function out of the the Lib to use in my gamecode?

The SmartMotorLibray want’s to be able to directly control motors so you must use the SetMotor function instead of calling motor] directly. SML was written before ROBOTC had implemented PID or slaveMotor functions so if you are using these it will not work well, it’s also (in its current implementation) all or nothing in terms of control, that is, either all motors or no motors are under SML control. I will fix this after worlds and have a new version for next season.

The calculateCurrent function can be used independently but has to be setup with the various constants needed. There is an example where I did this as part of one of the flywheel control demo’s a few weeks ago, I cannot give much more help than this as I’m traveling and at worlds for the next few days.