.f3d file issue

I tried to upload my CAD file for the CAD Make It Real Challenge and it wouldn’t let me upload the .f3d file. I submitted it correctly, dragged it in the upload box, but it won’t show that it’s uploaded, and it won’t let me edit the display name. https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/73/entry/5402/edit

We are currently investigating to see if we can replicate this, as we’ve had three additional reports of issues uploading .f3d files and getting them to show correctly on the entry page. In the meantime, please upload your entry with .stl files instead, and you will be allowed to submit the .f3d files if this is a system issue. Do not worry, your entry has been flagged so you are not in danger of missing the deadline. We will update shortly.

Happy to report that IT has just confirmed changes have been made to the file upload portion of the challenges site, and .f3d file format uploads should now be working.

Please respond here if you are still having issues.

Thanks and good luck!