Favorite Moments in VEX History

What are some of your favorite moments in VEX history? Whether it’s a Worlds final match, a game-changing design, a legendary team or just your favorite moment from your own team’s history, post it here!

My favorite design of all time from Team 44, Green Egg Robotics: Fred IV

Fred IV was the absolute best execution of the goal-dumping robot archetype in Round Up and was an unstoppable offensive juggernaut that went undefeated in qualifying at Worlds and went on to win the World Championship that year.

2W was the mother of all defensive bots


Who can forget the legendary 1103 in Round Up? Driver and Programming Skills World Champion, with perhaps the cleanest looking autonomous skills routine of all time.

I’ve seen that before, but that was something amazing to behold.

I always liked team 5492’s (@mediumdave aka Skyler) Trollbot from 2012.


I included many of my favorite moments in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwIB7G7d2rA

By season:
I wasn’t there for it, but there was the “give them an award right now” catapult launch in Clean Sweep.
Round up was my first year. My favorite robot was probably Fred IV also, although 1103 was amazing as well.
In Gateway footage from the New Zealand world cup was released in November blew my mind, and led to unprecedented design convergence. However, as a result worlds was the most strategy oriented it had ever been, with a metagame about object passing and wallbots. It was amazing watching 2W and the strategies that teams attempted to use against them to greater or lesser success.
In Sack Attack, Jack’s 400pt skills run was super impressive, and the wallbots were interesting although ultimately not effective.
In Toss Up and Skyrise the game largely came down to autonomous, but in the former there was also an emphasis on stash control where OYES’s tether-bot shined. In the latter, VEX U finals was more competitive than it had ever been with both AURA and QCC2 scoring all 7 skyrise sections and filling it with cubes completely autonomously.
What stood out to me in Nothing but Net was the hype around Discobots and their unreal skills scores. They brought a fleet of elite robots, performed at worlds, made up half of the teams in the finals.

Dude this video was lit

This video video shows one of my favorite robots ever. It had a 4-bar that was reversible, something many tried to copy but no one really succeeded. It’s intake could hold 12 rings, which is 3 times the size of the of the stacks, which allowed awesome de-scoring moves like you see at 2:45.

The video @Owen posted sums up all of my other favorite moments.

Personally the best moment was in the Toss Up season we had booked 6 Robots for a comp but only had 5 robots ready. With only two days to go a couple of our seniors that year put together a robot. It made it all the way to semi finals it could only push the big beach balls off of the fence and high hang. The robot was made of to sliders (imagine punchers with out the gear being shaved off) would go grasp the bar and hang and fold up.

During one of the quarter final matches it went up to fold back and one of the gears broke and flew across the field with only one arm left we pulled off a low hang and won the match.

For me it would be the Hertfordshire Nothing But Net Regional last year. It was my first competition, and I had no idea what was going on.

Honestly though, UK Nationals 2016 was a great experience for me. Seeing all the teams and how competitive it all was in my first year. It was truly amazing

Does anyone remember when VEX used to actually be part of FTC?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

But seriously I’m guessing most of the people on here probably didn’t even know that but I’m sure a few on here were around then.

I mentored teams in both FVC “Hangin’ Around” and FTC/VEX “Quad Quandry.” We switched to VRC in the “Elevation” year and never looked back.

That makes two of us, 10 years and a thousand roboteers ago.