Feasibility of not placing cubes in towers

Hey so many of the robots we’ve seen this year have not lifts and can’t place cubes in towers without having a full hopper. So my question is, is not placing cubes in towers at all a viable strategy? You could still remove cubes from the towers by ramming them. (And this is legal! https://www.robotevents.com/VRC/2019-2020/QA/349) And if you didn’t go for towers, you would have more time to score lots of cubes in the corners. With this strategy, you would most likely have more cubes scored than your opponent because your opponent tried to score in towers, but you removed them easily without taking the extra time to lift up and grab them. With this setup, it will be a low scoring match, and it will come down to who stacked the most cubes. (You, because you didn’t waste time with the towers. So what do you think? Obviously, there might be ways to counter it, but then again, no strategy is unbeatable.

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That might work but you would have a lot of trouble with skills.


That’s true, you’d have to rely on the teamwork matches, or maybe your robot can score in towers but you just strategically don’t.

If you can remove from towers you could use a strat outlined in this thread


I think that alliance towers will be utilized to capitalize on minor imbalances in colors, but placing in neutral towers gives your opponents more cubes to score. That being said, ignoring towers only works if you can not only accumulate all 3 stacks quickly, but you balance your colors as well. If you have a significantly less amount of green cubes than orange and purple, then you can be sure your opponent will capitalize on it with towers, and should they place the cubes towards the end of the match, you might not have enough time to knock them out, especially if they’re square in the towers. I don’t think that tower neutral strategies will start winning until alliances can stack half the cubes in a match or slightly less than half and hoard cubes.


You make a very good point, I wasn’t considering alliance towers. Those will probably still be an issue, but I’m assuming that if anybody uses this strategy then they can score 20-30 cubes in a match.

You have to be able to stack a lot more than 20. If your opponent can stack more cubes than you, you automatically lose using this strategy. If you can’t make stacks of 9 or more cubes, you should definitely make sure you can efficiently place in towers.


The only time this strategy will work well is when your robot can score 12 orange, 12 purple, and 12 green in a match. In this situation you will win no matter if there are cubes in towers or not. However, this is very hard to do, since you have to score exactly 12 cubes for each color. I’m going for this strategy but idk if it will work out or not.

btw I’ll be at the 10/26 comp that your team is hosting.


That isn’t necessarily the only time it will work, that’s just the only time it will be a guaranteed win. I’m glad you’re coming!


I dont think ramming the towers knocks cubes out. I tried kicking towers with cubes in them and that just made the cubes fall in more

You could also guarantee victory with 11 of each and auton bonus, or 10 of each, auton bonus, and hoarding 2 of each.

Even if you can score that many cubes you still need to balance the colors, which is very hard to do

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In my opinion, trying to intake equal amounts of each color is harder than sticking to one or two colors, and is more risky since it relies on you being better at stacking than your opponent.

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With this strategy, if you cannot stack on preexisting stacks, and you already have 3 scored towers, I would suggest making more stacks of cubes, and putting them in the inner protected zones, but not the goal zones. This just prevents the other team from using more cubes. Also, once you feel you have enough cubes, start playing heavy defense.


Stacking in the inner protected zones actually does sound like a genius way to hoard.


Just as a thought. If you are able to hold 12 cubes at once, if you are able to stack 4 of each color during auton, and you go around collecting 4 more of each color and your alliance can push cubes into your protected zone this strategy might work. Btw we are using this strat so possible strong counters posted on this thread would be great.

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The best counter to this strategy is being able to stack faster than the team using it.

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600 rpm base time?

20 char

That’s what we use