Field Control Switch

Hey all, we recently started doing tests with multiple robots, and I have been having a few issues with the field control. Using Vex Tournament manager works alright, but when we are just trying to run tests and sometimes stop in the middle and restart, it can get a little slow because I have to queue up a new match each time we finish a round and sometimes run out of matches and have to load a new tournament file. I have looked into the field control switch, (VEXnet Competition Switch - VEX Robotics) which has 4 ethernet ports to plug into controllers. I know this would work, but before I order it is there any sort of software that can just turn the controllers on the correct modes without having to set up a competition? I am on mac so I cannot use the field control software on their website… Thank you for the help.

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Hi @reeeeeeeeee, welcome to the VEX Forum!

There used to be a piece of software that did that (see screenshot in this post), but I have no idea if the Mac version is still available or supported.

There’s nothing stopping you from queueing and running a match more than once in TM, that’s what the “Field test match” at the top of the list is for.

But really, if you are doing a lot of practice, the competition switch is worth the $20.


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