Flag hitting all the way around past the post

Our Robot has an extremely powerful ball launcher and it hit the flag all the way around the post.
The 2 points that we could have gotten were not counted.
If this happens does the flag count?

Because the flag had rotated past its intended range of motion, these points do not count. However, I’m not exactly sure what would happen if the flag did a 360 to go back to where it started. I’d assume that it would count as it sits.

Edit: But you’ll probably want to take off some rubber bands to avid getting in trouble for doing so.

If your launcher is powerful enough to flip the flags all the way around, that is a serious <S1> issue.

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The points definitely do not count.

You can get in trouble if they determine that you are inverting the flags intentionally, so I would consider lowering the power of your ball launcher. I’ve watched many good robots and have never seen a robot do this in a match outside of the practice field. You can have enough power to turn the flags without inverting them.

I’ve never had the high flags over rotate, but some of them do bounce back to their original position after fully pivoting if I hit them hard enough. It’s really a vex quality control issue because my launcher is one of the only ones in my region that can reliably turn very stiff flags, but exactly the same shot on a field that’s seen more play makes the flags bounce right back to their original position. I’m going to have to adjust the tension on my launcher at states (and hopefully worlds), which is pretty absurd.

I’ve seen this happen in several matches actually. In each case the scoring was based on where the flag came to a rest. In the case of a 180 the refs did not score it since it wasn’t in the correct position for either side.

The main point is that if it is intentional, repeated, and/or match affecting, the ref should DQ the individual team. If you were to accidentally hit the flag and have it rotate 360, and the ref caught it, they would most likely give a warning, and the points would count, however, if that turned out to be match-affecting at the end, they would probably DQ because of it, but that would be a rare instance. You should design your robot so that that doesn’t happen. If you go to a tournament knowing that will happen you are in violation of R22. I hope this answers your question and/ or clears up any confusion.

Link to game manual

R22> Any violation of robot rules will result in a team being unable to play until they pass inspection (per ). In addition, teams who intentionally circumvent or violate rules to gain an advantage over their fellow competitors are in violation of the spirit and ethos of the competition. As such, anyone caught violating a rule in this manner may be disqualified from upcoming matches, the event, or even future events at the discretion of the REC Foundation and/or the VEX Robotics Competition Game Design Committee.

S1> Be safe out there. If at any time the Robot operation or Team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged any Field Elements or Game Objects, the offending Team may be Disabled and/or Disqualified at the discretion of the Head Referee. The Robot will require re-inspection before it may again take the field

Thanks for the input everyone and I will have to reconsider redesigning my robot,
because our robot has an extremely powerful ball launcher;in fact it can shoot basket ball hoops from half court!

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