Flying with Robots?

Has anyone here ever flown with robots and has any tips, tricks, horror stories, or suggestions on flying robots to an event? We are attending an event in Houston this weekend and are looking at flying our robots in our pelican cases.

While I don’t have personal experience, I have seen many teams travel with the Robosource crates. They are relatively thin and lightweight and wouldn’t compare to a pelican case but they work and aren’t too expensive.


Make sure the robot is padded well enough that it does not shift around in its case. It might be helpful to remove the axles that hold the wheels. You could rest the robot on its back, but there is no guarantee the box will always remain upright. You might want to pack full length pieces or axles separately in case something is bent out of shape. Giving the forum a quick search should bring up this topic from pre-worlds during past seasons. Good luck!


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