FlyWheel Velocity

Hey! So we are trying to figure out a way to shoot with the flywheel at a velocity less than 100 percent. Currently the flywheel gets up to speed (ex: 50%), but when it gets there it seems to go over the max set velocity. It then slows down to try and level out but it just bounces in and out.

The lopsided relationship between motor power the flywheel mass/inertia is the main cause of this, and it’s an expected design issue for flywheels.

That said… the easy fix is to change gearing so you can run the motor at 100%.

Also, I see you are using a group/pair of motors. Not much need for that, especially if you are running at lower speeds.


That’s the thing. We can run the motor at 100%. the issue lies when we attempt to short at 50. It seems to speed up, then slow back down, and repeat this process till it gets to desired velocity. The way we are setting our controller is where we have a 100% and around a 60% for close shots. We can’t seem to get the 60%. Note we are a new vex team so most of this is a foreign language to us.

My best advise, switch to using text and control the flywheel directly using voltage.


We switched to voltage and we have had 5 motors burn out. We haven’t gone over 12.5 volts. Does anyone know the max voltage you can use? Does anyone know what to do with a motor that stops working completely? No red light when plugged into a different cord or port, just dead. Is there a fuse or something we can reset?

If the cord and port are fine, and there is no red light, along with no blinking light, I’ve been told that this means there is an issue with the circuit board (motor controller) inside the motor. Unless your motors happen to be under warranty, I believe the motor is pretty much fried. This actually happened to me recently on a drive motor.

Assuming you can fix the ‘hunting’ problem… you’re still wasting serious time waiting for flywheel to speed up/slow down. Maybe change your approach here…

We are a first year team. What do you mean by “hunting?” Perhaps you could lead us in the right direction?

Does anyone here know the max voltage for a V5 motor? Our flywheels were working great with voltage but our motors keep dying.

12 Volts


"hunting’ is a term usually used with small gasoline engines (lawn mowers/etc). It describes the engine ‘searching’ for the right rpm, overshooting it, undershooting it, and repeating the process.

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