Follow up to Innovation Award Question

Prior to worlds, I posted a question about the Innovation Award and was told that one Innovation Award would be given for the whole VRC program (middle school and high school combined). However, when I look at the awards for worlds, I notice that the Innovate award is refered to as the “VRC High School Innovate Award.” This leads me to believe that middle school entries were not seriously considered and the intent was never to award an innovate award to a middle school team (it doesn’t appear that an Innovate Award has ever been awarded to a middle school team). I would like clarification on this so our middle school team can be assured that it is not a waste of time to submit an entry for the Innovate Award in the future. I recommend - since all other awards are separate - that in the future Innovate Awards are given at both the high school and middle school levels.

Thanks for your question.

One Innovate Award will be given out program wide in VRC this year. Both middle school and high school teams are eligible.

Your belief that middle school entries are not seriously considered is not correct. All entries will be evaluated regardless of grade level. All entries receive the same consideration during the judging process.