Forum help -- sort by most replies, most views

Is there a way to sort the message list by number of replies in the message and the number of views? I know the main thread about PROS has hundreds / thousands of each.

I tried search with a * but got

The search term you specified (*) is under the minimum word length (4) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.
If this term contains a wildcard, please make this term more specific.

Never mind, I figured out a back door way to find the answer. Just do advanced search on a user and on the left is a way to sort them.

I used myself and jpearman as search candidates, but I did some poking to get a more prolific poster and used them in the search.

Highest replies 562

Highest views 79,233

Most prolific posters can be found by clicking

members --> posts

This will put users in number of posts order. jpearman is on top.

Yes, James is the number 1 poster with over 3000 posts. (You and I are about 733). But people like James and Karthik are focused, they don’t wander too far. So I needed to find another poster that posts everywhere and use them to find the most replied to and most read messages. That’s how I found the top two posts (responses and read).

I clawed my way into the top 10 most posts. Maybe I can take a few more spots but at some point only people that post as often as me and have a lead will be left.

And there he is!! I used Tabor’s account to find the highest read and the highest replied to threads. He is literally everywhere. :wink: