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Hey Guys,

Now that a lot of users are getting TL3(Regular), does anyone know the requirements for attaining this level. I am currently TL2(Member) and was wondering how to advance in trust levels.



The blog explains them pretty well, and though the exact values may have been changed for this forum (have they @DRow ?), the general idea remains:


Here is a post (by @holbrook) with the list, from a thread about one of the features available to TL3 users on some forums (but not on this one so far):


Thank You very much for this :grinning:

Is there a way to tell how close one may be to reaching TL3? I have been here on the forum every day, read over 500 topics, replied to way over 10 topics, received over 20 likes, given over 30 likes, and have not received any flags. The only requirement that I am not sure if I have met is reading 25% of posts. Is there any way to tell what percentage of posts I have read in the last 100 days? Thanks.


I think only for staff, and no, we are not going to handle lots of requests for this information. However, you are nearly there, just falling a bit short on number of posts read, you are at about 90% of requirement.


Okay, that was what I thought, but I just wanted to check. Thank you, I appreciate it.

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Another thing I noticed is that some of the numbers on the Users page don’t update right away.

I was stuck at 446 for about a day despite reading a lot of threads that day, but sometime around yesterday it finally showed me as viewing 506 threads.


I think the forum updates some of the numbers once per day at midnight eastern time.


Something interesting I’ve found is that Members (TL2+) can do this.


TL2 can make wiki posts on this forum, not just TL3.

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Oh, how did I miss that??? I guess that’s how Connor did the thing lol.

Well, now there is a way to tell, because you are TL3! (And so am I!:grinning: Plus I just used my first emoji.)


Edited to add: Also, you had viewed about 2,900 posts as of yesterday, when that put you slightly below TL3, so I’m guessing most users who want to get TL3 for the next 1-2 weeks will need to have viewed about 3,000 posts in the last 3 months. (It will go up a lot as we start to see more robot reveals right before Worlds, and even more once the new game is revealed.)


Sweet :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I’m honestly curious as to why i’m not a Regular yet.

More fluids, fiber and exercise. That should help. :wink:

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I want be a regular, just cause I read a lot, but then I realize that I haven’t even had an account for a hundred days. :joy::rofl::joy:


I haven’t been a forum member for a year, but I’m a regular. All you need is listed above

Sorry I meant I haven’t had an account for 100 days.
I edited to reflect that

I wonder if I’m not able to reach TL3 since 2 of my threads have been locked “\( ‘-’ )/”

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