Four bar Chain bar

How would a lift that is like a double reverse four bar, but with a four bar on the bottom, and a chain two bar on the top work? These would not be mechanically linked.

If the four bar and chain bar are not mechanically linked, then it would not be possible to motorize them at the same time, meaning you would have to dedicate at least four motors to the entire mechanism (or maybe 3 if you’re feeling a 1 motor chainbar, although I wouldn’t suggest it unless its 15 holes long or less).

At that point, why not just do a dr4b? You’ll get twice the height with the same amount of motors on the lift (2 motor 4b + 2 motor chainbar vs. 2 motor dr4b + 2 motor chainbar).

@Zach929Y built one of these, he can probably help more than I could

I only have a week until states, and I needed a new lift fast. I am planning on dedicating four motors to this lift.

Also, I have attempted building DR4Bs in the past, and I have Not succeeded.

Is this what you mean?


My team had one this season that could stack 12 cones onto a mobile goal fast. It took only about a day to build and was reliable. my team used a 1:5 gear ratio on the four bar and a 1:5 gear ratio on the chainbar. You should use a 1:7 on the fourbar. The only problems my team encountered was stability and driving. Stability problem could have been fixed with channels on the fourbar forming a X. Driving was a problem because it was challenging but we did fine after practice. I think this is a great design if built/driven well.

Building it well will not be an issue. And I think I’m going to use a 1:12 year ratio for the four bar because we don’t have the right aluminum pieces, and we have a two motor claw