Free Registration in events by borrowing VEX fields?

I’ve seen people on this forum talking about borrowing fields and VEX elements between schools, so the event partner doesn’t have to buy all the field perimeters and components, and this gives the opportunity to allow a school to enter your competition for free if they bring their own field. In the Event Partner Resources I just found, under Helpful Hints, “Borrow fields from nearby organizations and teams attending the event” but I didnt see any specification about that for doing this you can register for free or have a discount on the payment.

Does anyone know if this information is official from VEX? And if so, where can I find it?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

We do this all the time. You come to our event and bring your field and elements we give you a free entry.

Team bringing the field talks to the EP that they want to do this. They then register with “pay later”

The EP just has to go to the payment page and mark the donating team as “PAID”, it’s as easy as that.

I want to say this is an important thing you @SARU09 is doing. It is building a sense of community, we are not going to Foster’s event we are all holding and event at Foster’s place. If everyone helps out at every event they cease to be just a pain to run but become simple things that everyone helps with. Think of a huge event nothing more than an Amish Barn Raising with robots!


There is no specification…it’s something EP’s can decide to do if they want to. As a coach and/or EP, you should try to actively network with other nearby organizations. Get to know the EP’s at the events you go to, and better yet, offer to provide one or more volunteers. If you have a chance to volunteer as a judge at a nearby event, you’ll become 110% the better coach for your teams, too.


Thanks for the information!! @kmmohn and @Foster :slight_smile: