Free VEX Cortex Stuff

I have a bunch of the old Cortex system that I am willing to give away for free! I used to run the POE, PLTW class so a whole class set with that stuff (around 36 or so). Basically I have,

Batteries (including the larger amp ones)
Battery chargers
393 motors 2 wire motors
motor controllers
Old electronics including: encoders, ultrasonic range finder, line tracker, light sensor.
Probably other stuff I am forgetting. Basically everything that was replaced by the V5 system.

Again, a whole class set of all this stuff (around 36), but there are probably like 50 motors, and way more batteries. Some of them are new, still in the box.

I’m teaching now, and I’m pretty busy, so I’m basically looking to just hand it off to someone. Realistically, I do not have time to sort it, inventory it, see which ones might be broken, etc. That’s why it’s free. If I can’t pass it on to someone who will use it, alas, it will need to go to the e-waste. I would love for it to find a good home. I am in the SF bay area (Los Gatos) so local pick up is preferred, and that is totally free for you.

Depending on where you are at, I could mail it. I would charge for the mailing fee plus probably $150 for my time in acquiring packing material, packing it, and dropping it off (sorry to charge for that, but, yeah, things are busy lately!).

I hope this is a good deal for someone. If so, respond to me directly via DMs



Hi! I’m from team 5327, and we were recently looking for used v4 electronics. We’ll get in contact with you soon.


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My first thought would be

But I don’t think the charity would be able to afford the 150$ fee for your time. If your willing to reconsider the 150$ you should reach out to @Karthik and help some kids in uganda.


Not sure where in the world you are, but here are some options:

BEST robotics programs are looking for this stuff. Since BEST is practically free for teams, the Hubs are looking for these things to help replenish what they loan out to teams for the season.

Many FIRST teams will take this. Many teams use these instead of the RoboRio for practice bots, clasroom bots, or pre-season rookie builds.

Either way, someone near you can use this and would be glad to pick it up locally.


Hi there. I think I emailed you regarding the free VEX cortex electronics. Are you still interested? Let me know. Thanks.