Frustrating IQ Hero Bot

Found that my competition to Education Add on kit was missing the 228 3943 274 connector piece. This is the second piece that only found in the add on kit, which means you need to buy it for the 2nd gen hero bot but even if you do will only get one robot out of the kit. Or none because they didn’t even include the part!!! Very frustrated Coach signing off.

While I can see it would be frustrating to try and build the trainers without all the parts you need, I would point out that the build directions tell you up-front that you need the full competition kit to build the pre-designed trainer:

Fortunately, VEX does offer the upgrade kit, if you didn’t get the whole competition kit up front, (VEX IQ Education to Competition Upgrade Kit - VEX Robotics) and there is no “penalty” (extra cost) for purchasing the upgrade later. Your posting is not completely clear: if you’re missing a piece from a kit you own, you could contact and they are good about providing the missing piece.

One robot per kit is normal/expected.


I thought I was clear in my post, I purchased the 2nd Gen Education to Competition upgrade kit. And there is no way it is to be expected that you spend 200 dollars for 1 robot, on top of the kits you have already purchased. How could school programs and clubs even consider participating if that’s the setup.

OK, so you have existing generation 1 stuff, and you’re trying to upgrade to generation 2. This kit (VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd generation) (No Control System) - VEX Robotics) gives you the generation 2 parts while you continue to use your generation 1 electronics. Of course you only really need the gen 2 kits if you want to build the pre-designed trainers. There is, of course, no requirement to build these models, instructions are provided for novice teams to get started. If you have an established team (it sounds like you already have robotics kits), your team could just go ahead and use the engineering design process to build a competition robot.

Having the parts of a complete “competition kit” for each team (which includes the “education kit” and the “competition kit upgrade” is pretty much stated up-front on the vex website.

If you already have generation 1 stuff, there is no requirement in the game manual that you even upgrade to generation 2. In our organization (about a dozen IQ teams, along with VRC and VEX-U) I have not upgraded any electronics to generation 2, as there is no competitive advantage, and I’ve only purchased a couple of the gen 2 kits (without electronics) so that a couple of our novice teams just starting this year can build the trainer. I’ll buy generation 2 electronics only when my generation 1 stuff starts going bad.


Okay so I think I have it figured out. I have 2nd Gen educational kits, I bought 1 education to competition upgrade kit and am just surprised that it only is enough parts for 1 robot. Unfortunately for me, my upgrade kit is simply missing some pieces in it. Specifically that part mentioned in the beginning: 228 3943 274

Not sure how we will support our program with this being the case. We have spent everything we have thinking we would be comfortable with multiple teams but that simply isnt the case.

Thank you everyone who has chimed in!