Full volume meta?

What do you think the meta is going to be? what robot are you going to build?

I personally am going to build a large trapdoor box on an arm so it can pick up and drop cubes. Cubes can be dumped on top of our robot to be sorted using a color sensor, and put back into the trapdoor box. I hope it works lol

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Even though robot design is important, something I think that could greatly influence the score is people’s packing abilities, pre-planning which amount of cubes go where. I’m interested in how people are going to park though.

Manual Might Change this, watch out

I would think having two magazines that the cubes get sorted into, green and purple, have your intake be able to hold the red and outtake it into the goal, the magazines would be a 1xwhatever it took to get level 3, maxing out the score bonuses for level, then I would score the rest in the goals, less pressure to get the zones, getting the uniform bonus. (Flip out mech to swipe out all from the supply zone for easier access for rookie teams [and veteran] and the bonus?) being able to just flip your robot into the zone (Pushing the already moving magazines into the ground to flip you?)

Tldr; Ringmaster V2 Boys

(Oh and with an infinite expansion I would love to see a rover ruckus from FTC-style robots…)

Can’t wait for the manual to completely destroy this strat…

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Wait… The new length is 20 inches?
Screenshot 2023-05-05 8.33.03 AM
or is this just a typo

Given that it is that way in numerous places in the document, and has corresponding updates in the approximate sizing visual graphic, it is highly unlikely that that is a typo.

Pitching in was 11x19x19, so I am doubting that it is a typo, it would be a pretty big typo if it is.

I and my team were thinking about using a vacuum, what I mean by this is using a chain with those flexible pieces on them and then using a size sorter. all of this only requires 5 motors. Hope this was helpful.

Do we need to have an online notebook?
would be amazing if anybody could answer.

I think that the intake mechanisms are gonna be interesting this year. I think tank treads might be used this year as an intake. Rubber band intake looks like it’s not going to be great this year so rip rubber bands. I was thinking that perhaps an armbot type of robot might work this year. I also saw an interesting arm intake from GMR 4 years ago when they released their squared away robot which looks like it could have potential

yeah i think this is what is might be like.

I am pretty sure no online notebook is needed. When we needed to submit a digital notebook we used an app to convert it to a pdf. (forgot what app was)

Cool thanks. If you remember message me.