Full Volume Scoring App for iOS

In my ADD-fueled hyper focus today, I’ve put together a first attempt at an iOS scoring app for Full Volume:



Looks good!

As far as UX is concerned, I would rather just add up each block that’s in a container instead of having 9 different counts. Then have uniformity be presented as a yes or no next to each container.

My thoughts:

  1. Maybe a thin dividing line between each of the three top groupings? That many +/- boxes in a row make it hard for the eye to follow. So, three +/- controls, thin line, three more, thin line, three more.

  2. Might be hard to fit in there, but the ability to jump at least greens by 3 or 5 at a time seem like it would be helpful. At least be able to press and hold on the plus and have it ramp the count more quickly.

  3. I like the gradient for the containers, cool idea!

Last bit of feedback, since the IOS VIQRC Hub scoring is actually working already, probably won’t be a big demand for this, but sharpening skills is never a bad thing! Nicely done!

Thanks for the reply @EngineerMike!

I’d had some dividing lines, but they were enough to make it not fit on smaller device screens. The stepper controls do actually allow tap-and-hold to spin things up.

And of course I didn’t check for updates before I decided the official app wasn’t updated. After the delay with last year, I just assumed this was something that folks would need. As you said, never bad to practice skills. Might keep going just to provide a more “advanced” scoring experience.

I’ve been pondering adding:

  • Score Breakdowns
  • Saving scores (with notes)
  • Comparing scores to event/region/world skills rankings
  • Exporting scores for notebook usage

We’ll see how long I can keep the ambition up for this…

@NLKTyler I was tracking colors by block to help do more reality checks so that the state shown by the app was something actually achievable in the game. For instance, the app only allows you to score as many red blocks in goals as you’ve marked as removed from their start positions. I was also planning on showing the counts of un-scored blocks to help people validate things.

Looking at the official app, you can enter a whole bunch of states that wouldn’t actually be valid in the game. Probably not a huge deal for most people, but I was going for that deeper accuracy.

would love to see a youtube video tutorial from the beginning on how you made this. What tools you used, etc. Very cool and would be a great teaching moment for people with no iOS app building skills.

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