FUN is coming to VRC soon - Help Name our VRC Content (Giveaway)

Hello VEX Forum!

I’ve posted in the VRC Discord but for those who have not heard: The FUN Network will be expanding our content into VRC starting in October under the name FUN VRC.

If you are not familiar with FUN: We are the largest content creator in FIRST creating Twitch, YouTube and social content for those who are in the programs with millions of views. You may have seen our coverage in the past from current events to our different content pieces like Behind the Bumpers. FUN creates content for those who are in their respective programs. This means we want to feature many of you to show off to the rest of the VRC community!

Personally, I have been a VRC emcee at both local events and worlds in the past. But, I have a lot of catching up to do to make sure that we create content that is competent and relevant to those in VRC. While this would start with me spearheading content to lay down a foundation, we may look at expanding to a team of those dedicated to VRC content in the future.

For the Over Under season we are looking at attending several signature events where we will be creating content similar to our Behind the Bumpers (FIRST Robotics) or Behind the Bot (FIRST Tech Challenge), Behind the Glass (FIRST Robotics) and also an Event Highlight recapping each event we attend.

Here’s where we need your help: This is also cross posted on Discord.

FUN has always been about community involvement so we need your help with suggestions on what to call 3 content pieces we intend to create: I’m going to use the names we have used for FRC content but I would like to have names that speak to VRC and make it your own. They can be really anything and I’m looking at this as more of a community brainstorm.

I’m a big fan of giveaways so we will be giving away a FUN T-shirt if we select your suggestion and also an extra one to a random person who provides a suggestion.

We’re serious about creating content for those in VRC. Please provide non-memey suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:
We don’t need to stick to the Behind the… name necessarily. But if it makes the most sense then I’m good with that too.


Looking forward to more content on VEX teams and events. Thank you Tyler and team FUN.

“Behind the Kit”
“Beyond the Kit”

Both could matchup with the video themes


Love your passion, talent and content! Really appreciate your efforts to bring that to VRC!


I’ve loved all the FRC content you guys have been producing for years. Thank you!

“Behind the plates” Could work as a name


How about Behind the Bot?

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That is already the name for the content made by FUN for the FIRST Tech Challenge

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VRC Water Game


Already posted this in the discord thread but just in case

Behind the Bumpers for VEX
Behind the Plates (license plates for VEX)
Behind the gears
Behind the frame

Behind the glass for VEX
Behind the Perimeter
Behind the Line
Behind the glasses
Behind the goggles


On the Foam
FUN VEXposition
Beyond the Gears


whoops, missed that

GearsOfFun, first thing I thought of

Do I hear FUN for VIQC?

All jokes aside glad you guys are here, and enjoy your stay, just completed my first season officially on a team for FTC (Got Kidnapped 2 years to help teach kids programming), and you guys did an amazing job with your videos.

Feel like we need something like Behind The Static or Beyond The Static, a nod to the static on the field blowing brain ports. We have an opportunity to be known as the punniest robotics community everyone, we need to seize this. We can’t let FRC take this from us!



Thanks for the compliments all! We’re excited to get started.

In the past we have not created content that focuses on ages 13 or under as we would potentially be subject to labeling these videos as ‘for kids’ with YT policy. This means no comments on videos and other restrictions that we don’t want to do as our content has always had a community first focus.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but currently will not be our focus. This currently applies to why we do not focus on FIRST Lego League content.


I totally understand I have been through COPPA and youtube, and that is not fun for anyone. (If anyone is wondering, I identified as above 13 and was definitely never below 13. (Do not act as I did))

I commend you all for creating such a community, it is truly an inspiration to all content creators alike. Good luck in the future, and I am ecstatic to see your content on centerstage!


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