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Thank you all for the suggestions and it’s a big help to also put what makes a team stand out so we can be on the lookout. We’ll get to as many as possible and if you are at Speedway VRC please come and say hi!


Filmed 9 Pits & Parts Interviews yesterday! We’ll start releasing these on Monday! Plus other content to come too.

10 Likes We check in with 100A Jugglenauts & 3141V Yoinky Sploinkey after their huge win at the Speedway Signature Event to get their reactions and excitement of winning and qualifying for VEX Worlds. Stay tuned: We have Another 15 content pieces in queue :slightly_smiling_face:


(I thought this was published but we didn’t). Talked to 323V at Speedway that we messed up and forgot to publish this. #1 in skills and #1 seed there so we got to show off this awesome team! Recorded at Haunted where they were the #2 seed captain but now after Speedway ranked #1 in the world at skills and were the #1 seed alliance captain 323V is a team you really need to be in admiration of. Their auto is top notch and you got to check out the overall composition of this Over Under robot on Pits & Parts!

12 Likes Winners at Speedway Signature and 10th in the world at time of recording at skills. 100A Jugglenauts bring so much versatility with their dual thread catapult and puncher, simplistic and quick climber and incredible driver control including scuff controller. Learn more of what goes into this incredible Over Under robot on Pits & Parts.



PLEASE go to the Wisconsin signature event, there is going to be robokauze, xenofox, and a couple other REALLY good teams there


I appreciate the suggestion. I may end up just stopping by for half a day as I live in Oshkosh but between travel for RECF/FIRST content I am gone many weekends and try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

We did interview ROBOKAUZ (21417A) at Speedway so their interview will be coming out withing the next week or so.

Here’s all the content pieces we filmed at Speedway (all are Pits & Parts unless otherwise noted)
100A - Posted
100A Points & Plates Mic’d Match
2775V Points & Plates Mic’d Match
Speedway Highlights Video
Speedway Winners Interview - Posted


Do you only interview the top teams at the tournament? Check out the highlights of the Speedway Signature Event that took place at the Dallara IndyCar Factory! From the Pit Stop Challenge to exciting elimination matches this Over Under event was incredible.



Interviews are done during the tournament and prior to eliminations so it’s impossible to know who the top teams are. We take suggestions from the community (especially the why) and then at the event observe teams who we think the audience will find interesting and go from there. If you look at the list of teams interviewed many end up being top teams but not all. For most teams we just try to find cool mechanisms and effective designs.


Hey all, we’re flying out to WAVE at WPI VRC Signature Event this next week and could use your suggestions for what teams to interview (and why they stand out). Reading your suggestions is one of the primary ways we put teams on a list for interviews!


I would love to see an interview with 4610h. They have historically had really good showings and usually have some pretty innovative mechs, great driving and really clean robots. I’ve heard rolumor that they have an awsome blocker and a unique PTO mech.

7 Likes Finalists at the Speedway Signature Event 338A Iterated lives up to their name showcasing their iterations on their Over Under robot. A new overhang blocker to adds versatility along with their easy to match load and quick catapult. 338A also showcases their elevated off the ground and inside ramps on their wings and intake on Pits & Parts.


7 Likes MS Excellence Award winners 323E details different aspects of their robot including some key parts that other MS and HS teams can be inspired by. No wonder this team was picked for eliminations at the Speedway event!


For this cycle of content, I’d like to shout out some less well known teams for WPI since you’ve likely seen a lot of these teams to some extent already.

4478E is a great team, and if I’m not mistake these are the same 4478E guys who won their worlds division 2 years back.

Also, a good shout is 8829C who went to haunted and ended up in the finals, really looking forward to see how they try to push the meta forwards.

Besides some relatively established teams, at WPI I think there are a lot of sleeper teams that could go quite far.

946W has been absolutely destroying their local competition in Colorado and having personally seen their robot, it is an absolute work of art.

871X has been dominant in SNE this season, and posted winning records at multiple sigs last season - maybe could pull out a crazy run here?

And then of course there are some historic organizations present, 169 (the cavalry) is up there with some of the best of all time and 12 (potomac school), one of the oldest organizations still in vex, recently qualified a team to dome last year.

Of course, I haven’t mentioned all of the usual suspects like 9364 and hope robotics who will likely be favourites coming into this event, but I’m hoping for some upsets from some teams who usually don’t go to sigs.


I would definitely second the 169 organization, they’re in my region and have performed well year after year…in my experience, they’re also quite willing to share with less experienced teams, which has definitely been helpful to my team as we’ve gotten our footing.


Ohhh. gotcha. Hopefully we will perform well at the Lambeau field signature event

2 Likes An incredible season for 3141V Yoinky Sploinkey with wins at both Speedway & MOA Signature events so far! Check out their including their ‘piston’ lift, quick kicker, and all around great packaging that has lead to success on Pits & Parts.


3 Likes Wow! Listen in to this Points & Plates match that has it all for Speedway Signature event winners 100A Jugglenauts. Auto discussions leading into a field replay and discussions with the referees and a tough replay match displays that even champions face challenges on Over Under.



Hi again, I am not sure if we will make it.