Fundraising this season

My team is entering our second year, and we want to upgrade to V5 this season. We would normally ask local businesses for sponsorships, but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are not sure this is going to be very possible. Any advice on how to still earn money would be greatly appreciated.

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hosting competitions can be a very good way to raise money, if you’re a school team with a access to a venue it shouldn’t be too hard.


Sending letters to different companies would also be a good idea. I know we did that last years so we could go to US open.
Don’t worry :wink: it is my second year in Vex VRC as well. Lol


There have been a ton of threads on how to get funds, do some searching and you will find lots of ideas.

  1. social close things (bake sales, car wash, events, etc.) are going to be hard.
  2. You need to advertise. You need something you can hand/email people on why they should give you money
    a, Who, What, Why and the most important is WIFM. Look at your team from their eyes. What’s in it for them? Why do they want to pick your robots over soccer, band, etc.
    b. Create the elevator speech. You get into the elevator with a VIP. What is your 30-45 second blurb to catch their attention to make them want to spend the next 2 mins on listening to the rest of your talk.
  3. The times of big donations are on hold, so don’t plan on those $1000 donations
  4. Do a quick sweep of your team’s extended family. You are looking for places that they work that have matching donation plans. Those people double your money.
  5. Plan to grind it out. $20 here, $20 there. It’s going to be a slog,

Search the forum, you’ll find all the other great posts.

STEM Robotics sponsors teams. We take 2020-2021 applications in June.

Of course you can always do this