Funnel creation and 45 degree angle


So i’ve been doing vex for about 2 years; this is my first year of slapshot. ive created the base, shooting and dispenser mechanisms, but the main thing im having problems with are the funnel.

ive been trying to use 1x1s and bended connectors (149) but they end up moving around and are too unreliable. my initial thought was bended connectors and pins but the connector wasnt upright, therefore the pins couldnt reach the second piece.

ive seen a lot of funnels on the internet (esp ben lipper), but i dont know how they keep the second piece slanted

I myself am not an IQ’er but I have found a link that shows the information for Ben Lipper’s robot which may show you how to properly make the funnel.

You can find it here

(Also who is Ben Lipper and why does every IQ’er worship them?)

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thanks for the link!

also ben lipper is a youtuber in vex and everyone worships him cus why not (its just bc hes good at building robots


Bro, everyone loves him cause hes the reason why United States,competes against china

Everyone loves him because he is truly one of the few people online that posts enough high quality media on a robot for teams to use to “build” their robot. Last season at North FL Regionals I saw most teams with a Ben Lipper derivative bot, whether it was a catapult, double flywheel or pusher (the teams who couldn’t get the shooters to work). Tbh there were only a handful of teams I can remember that had similar robots to him that truly did some research and prototyping before arriving at their root (1 team even had a bin full of test prototypes to show us judges, something I had never seen/whitnesed before in my 6+ years of robotics).


no personal offense to Ben Lipper or the lipper family, but they practically just give out bot instructions, and its kinda annoying to compete against 100000000 of the clones every comp.

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this has been discussed before

they aren’t really clones, they’re the same structure, maybe, but alot of the time key mechanisms are different. also, why is it annoying?

some people actually build it peie for piece, and that’s kind of annoying

I find that hard to believe, because you literally cant see every piece in images.