Fusion 360 personal license changes Oct 2020

If you use Fusion 360 under the personal licensing you should read this announcement.

You are most likely not going to be happy.

As Mom says, “If was too good to be true, it’s most likely not true, or not going to last.” Thanks Autodesk, hope you keep the educational license alive.



Might actually have to pay for it. Yikes costs $500/yr.

Darn, just as I was getting into F360 for some personal projects.

I could live with most of these restrictions, but the maximum of “10 active and editable documents” might be the killer for me, depending on what that wording actually means.

Glad my education license is still active, not sure what I’ll do when that ends…

Thanks for the heads up!


Can’t most of you sign up for an educational licence? Or does the same things apply? I don’t really use fusion much anymore

If you buy before 1 Oct, it’s “only” $300.