G1 and Disqualifications

I was happy to see this email from Dan today (see below), because we just witnessed this happen last weekend and it is completely uncalled for at the elementary school level. The team in question also quadrupled the score of the second place team, so it was completely unnecessary and mean-spirited.

My question for everyone is: what should the refs be doing about this that doesn’t punish the partner? So let’s say that they are the first place ranked team in the Finals, and tell their alliance partner to sit in the corner and get out of the way. Doesn’t a disqualification in the Finals effect both teams in the alliance? Or would they disqualify the offender, and then the team that sat in the corner for the entire match would receive the Teamwork Champion trophy?


The team shouldn’t be in finals if this is the case. The team should have already been warned and dqed long before then.

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From the game manual:

Disqualifications. A Team that is Disqualified in a Qualification Match receives zero (0) points for the Match. The other Team on their Alliance will still receive points for the Match.

  1. In Finals Matches, Disqualifications apply to the entire Alliance, not just one Team. An Alliance that is Disqualified in a Finals Match will receive zero (0) points.