<G15> Rule loophole?

The rule says 1" difference from the actual starting position. I know that means that the cubes might be a bit off from the starting position. The main question: Are we allowed to move some cubes 1" ON PURPOSE? Can we move a green cube on purpose 1" to the left? This might be allowed in state, but will it be allowed at worlds?

The field reset will most likely set it the best they can. I don’t know if you can ask field reset to set it off by 1 inch on purpose though

No. You should be prepared for this variation but you shouldn’t create this variation.


Some just can’t let this go. It is not a loophole, it is within the strategy. If your team chooses not to use it, then that is there disadvantage. If you go to a baseball tournament that allows any bat, but you choose to swing a wooden bat instead, that is on YOU! Stop the insanity, the decision is made, use it or make like Elsa and Let it Go!



Your link refers to RSC5 rulings, not moving elements out of position before a match begins which is what this thread refers to. This thread refers to G15 which is simply regarding field and object tolerances.

I try to shoot for field resets that gets to the position they should be. If a team moves game elements I watch and if it made it “better - closer to the center of the square, closer to the black line” then I let them do that. If it’s worse, it was on the line and now it’s an 1" off, then I put it back.

Hope that answers your question, but I think it’s not going to be the answer you like.


I agree with this. I think teams could expect this kind of action at Worlds.

I don’t understand what you both are saying here. Are you saying that teams will be allowed to move cubes up to 1 in away from the black lines in setting up the fields at Worlds? That is not something I would allow at the events I run.

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Many teams don’t care about the exact cube position. But some want them in exactly the right spot. I’m ok with teams moving the cube to be more correct. I’m not ok with teams moving the cube to be less correct.


Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood what you were saying.

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From my experience with worlds reffing, field objects are set by the resetters, and if you want them moved, you must ask for permission. If it is within an inch of correct, they will sometimes not let you move at all, or they will move themselves. One of the officials became a bit upset with me for being so adamant about placing a field element in a specific spot last year. (Rightfully so, it was within an inch of starting position) Your ref would have to be pretty accomadating to allow you to chose the exact starting position to be one further from the exact start position, and if an opponent complained I’m sure they would just move it to the normal starting position. I would not suggest strategizing with this, especially for worlds.