Gael Force Scouting 2.0 Release

Gael Force (5327) is proud to finally announce the public release of its new scouting website for the Toss Up season. We have been working on it since July and the newest version is now complete and accessible at

We planned on having a lot more features in this version, but our rapid progress was halted when the school year began, so we decided to make the current version public and will add to it throughout the year. Some future features include: match pages with comprehensive information comparing the different teams in each match, more developed statistics such as OPR and CCWM (and possibly a few experimental statistics of our own), and accounts so that teams can store their personal scouting data. We plan on expanding the usefulness of our website immensely before the World Championship in April.

Please check out the site and tell us what you think. We want to make this site as convenient and useful for scouts as possible, so we happily take questions, comments, and critique.

Happy scouting everyone!

I like how you guys were able to tell when my next competition was coming up, I didn’t expect that :D. Although compared to other databases, there is missing info on us. It looks good though.

We made this database Toss Up specific so only teams who have registered for Toss Up tournaments will show up with Toss Up data. This is because games change each year, as well as team members, mentors, etc. While the general affiliation of a team is the same, teams can be radically different from their previous incarnations and so past information is not really reliable for new games. As soon as you actually participate in a tournament (which is in a week, good luck!), your match results, skills scores, awards won, basic statistics, and elimination finish will be updated as the tournament progresses and the page will be populated.

To see an example of a team with all their information check out 4109’s page as well as 359A’s. To see a populated tournament check out East Oahu VEX Competition.

There are no words for how awesome this is. There’s pretty much every single piece of information you need about the team right there.

Also 4109’s page is a bit inaccurate, as in the East Oahu tournament, they subbed in 4109B, their middle school team, so they would have experience, I believe.

So just note when using this that some things might be a bit inaccurate because of readings from robotevents where tournament leaders forgot to change some numbers around.

You are absolutely correct that our data is limited by how accurately match results are put into RobotEvents. There is no way we would be able to tell from East Oahu’s RobotEvents page that 4109B subbed for them. To all tournament organizers - please put match scores in correctly!

If you know something on RobotEvents is incorrect, we can overwrite the data we get from RobotEvents so it is more accurate.

On this topic, many events enter their elimination match scores incorrectly because they highlight the two same teams in the alliance of three for all elimination matches (for example, semifinals 2 and finals from REX Hosts Toss Up this year). This would mean that the same two teams competed in the first and second matches of an elimination series, which is not allowed by VEX. This messes with our data because it tells us that the wrong teams participated in a match. In the near future, we hope to change our programs so that they recognize this illegal elimination round data and indicate on the page of the team and the tournament that the data could be inaccurate.

As for other data discrepancies, comment them on this thread or PM me and we’ll change it in our database manually.

Oh **** you beat me to a scouting database release. Oh well. Nice job again! Looks really clean.

Fantastic job! I agree that previous seasons are irrelevant with team member changes each season. The site looks really good.

I have a suggestion for this.

When I go to that tournament, or any tournament, it would be nice to see the teams stats. Average score, average win, etc. on the Team List page. It would be even nicer to sort through all of the data. This way you can sort by Highest Scoring Team, or whatever.

Would you be able to implement this?

In The VEX Robotics Competition Presented by the U.S. Army on Jan 3, 2014, there were two divisions during the event. It seemed that your scouting website only updated U S Army division results, but missed REC Foundation Division results.

i love it, very good job :smiley:

Thank you guys so much! This is so nice of you because this instantly makes scoutng much more efficient. All members from team 3921 appreciate you!

When I go to that tournament, or any tournament, it would be nice to see the teams stats. Average score, average win, etc. on the Team List page. It would be even nicer to sort through all of the data. This way you can sort by Highest Scoring Team, or whatever.

Would you be able to implement this?

I agree with Jesse,
A simple implementation that can make data visualization nicer could be to use Google charts
specifically their table charts
This will allow for a nice and easy sort trough of data.

Are all teams up to date with past tournaments and results?

The database updates itself once a week and I did run all programs manually over the weekend, so all data from robotevents should be in the database.

As for displaying overall stats for teams in the team list tab, we had decided against that last year because it would clutter the teams list tab, but I can easily make a new tab that has the overall statistics for teams. All our tables are sortable so that isn’t an issue.

If you would please do that, that would be awesome :slight_smile: Those stats on each team are very nice.

Very impressive! I love how complete this database is.

Do you know if you can implement this? We are going to be competing at this tournament ( and I would be able to look at each team and see their average score and other stats. I know my coach (JayM) had this working on his scouting database, so I know it is possible.

Thanks for all your work!

Liking the new update, better then before! :cool:

Will this be compatible with Skyrise?