Download Gaelscout on the App and Play Store today!!! It’s an amazing app which teams can use to find information about any team in the world like their region of origin, school, name, etc. Gaelscout also has an extremely cool feature called the match predictor which uses an artificially intelligent neural network to accurately predict the outcome of matches and quickly determine possible alliance partners. You can also search up important statistics for any team in the world such as their ccwm score and see how they have been doing in the last couple tournaments. There is also a notes page where you can record important information about teams which will automatically be saved on your device. This app is available on both the play store for android and the app store for ios devices.

Download for android:
Download for apple:

Or search up “Gaelscout Pradeep Murti” on your apple device or “Gaelscout Anshul Kashyap” for android devices in the respective stores.

Download today and start using this amazing tool to improve your competition performance.
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