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Little bit of a random question here.

Does the GDC work on multiple games in the future at one time or do they work on the next years game throughout the season? Some friends of mine have the theory that the GDC has upwards of 3 games “saved up” so they can perfect them for multiple years before releasing them.

Just a question that popped up in my head.

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Yes, the GDC has multiple games in development at a time, around 3. for example, this year’s game was started about 2-3 years ago.


Hmm. Thats weird to think about.

Whats weirder is how those games don’t get leaked.

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Game ate developed 2 years in advanced. So when Turning Point was released the plans for Change Up were already being concocted.

And yes, games have been leaked in the past.

  • Change Up was leaked in the subtitles of the Tower Takeover Fantasy “World Championship” livestream (game documents were shortly found afterwards),

  • Tipping Point was supposedly (and accidentally) shipped out to a random teacher, and pictures of the supposed field instruction guide were also disseminated online.

  • Spin Up’s game manual was also incorrectly published on the Chinese VEX Forum before it was released to the public due to a communication error between the Texas and the APAC staff.

Games usually go through multiple iterative cycles to balance the multiple way of scoring and to perfect the game elements.


last years game was leaked pretty early before it was supposed to be annouced in china, but hit the states right before it was supposed to be released

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I was aware of the spin up manual thing, but it’s pretty amazing that some random person doesn’t just come on the forum anonymously and post pictures/manuals.

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The GDC likes to keep things under tight wraps until the appropriate time and date. Even still you’d be surprised how much damage control the forum admins had to do leading up to Change Up Worlds.

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Not really that amazing. Especially if you value your job and your reputation,


And money in your bank account. NDAs can be pretty strict with these things for individuals, and suppliers would stand to lose the business of being able to turn out the parts.

Honestly where I think the most likely leaks would come from is the factories in China where the elements are made and shipped from, but clearly they’ve overall got good control.


Or have any sense of honesty. I would never leak my siblings’ birthday presents.

You might be surprised by how much a driver ego is for some people, enough to divulge information they shouldn’t because it makes them feel important. That’s why penalties like loss of job, financial hits, or in the case of some NDAs - jail time, are needed to deter different types of people from leaking information.


I know some people with whom withholding information makes them feel important. But there definitely should be penalties for letting it out.


I’d imagine people don’t want to lose their job and other severe penalties by breaking the NDA


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Let see if I can help continue this list

Skyrise was leaked because vex teams went through customs documents and found vex packages being shipped containing “hollow cubes”.

Sack attack was leaked because the vex store at worlds sold game elements a couple days early. 2 teams got kits and vex requested to hold onto them until reveal when they found out.

There was definitely another I can’t remember right now.


When tipping point was leaked there were tons of memes about it that got deleted, but were returned after the game reveal. You can see all these memes starting around after post Dankest Vex Memes? - #2832 by Ethan5956F.


Was it Ball Battle?


Sure… NDA’s and “consequences” can help discourage someone from leaking details of a game… but those consequences really don’t come into play if the details are leaked anonymously.

I suspect the real reason that you don’t see any significant leaks is that the people who are involved in organizing these events are ethical, trustworthy folks who would feel awful if they ruined the surprise and suspense of the “game reveal”.

I prefer to credit the lack of leaks to the honesty and integrity of people, particularly those involved in the educational robotics community.