Game of Life

About a week ago, John Conway, creator of “Conway’s game of life”, died of the coronavirus. You can read about the game and other important contributions he made to Mathematics here.

So what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than to port some code to V5, attached is the project, it could be extended far more, I’ll leave it to you all to improve upon it.

Some screen shots

Figure 8
Glider gun
Figure 8 on 22P36

There are lots more patterns to be found here that could be added as presets to the code.

VEXcode V5 text project (16.6 KB)


That’s a great project to honor John Conway. Conway’s Game of Life is actually insane though when you see what some people have done with it…


is that basicly a fractal in game of life?

Oh my gosh! This is so horribly sad. But I am glad about the legacy he left, and I’m sure he would be too.

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Thanks for your sharing. I like his game

Thanks for your sharing. I like his game Game of Life and MARVEL Strike Force are my 2 favorite game mods

Wrong game of life. “Conways game of life” basically sets an area with points that (for the most part) have two states, dead or alive (hence the name). The reason why it is so amazing is that by setting a few constraints on the points, complex behaviors are able to be performed. The one you’re talking about is the board game by Milton Bradley.


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