Gear/sprocket ratio

New to this, please help me understand gear and sprocket ratios. I am having a hard time determining what is driving vs driven to do the formula of driven/driving. I have a drive train that is using 2 16 tooth sprockets and one 24 tooth sprocket per side…. The motor is connected to the 24 and the 2 16 tooth sprockets are connected to the tires by a axel… is the driving the one being operated by the motor? 1:5

Can you please post a sketch, then we can help you out more easily.

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Usually, the first gear is a “drive gear” attached to the motor shaft and the second is a “driven gear” attached to the load shaft.

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The 24 tooth gear is the drive gear. The 16 tooth gears are the driven gears. This means your ratio is 24:16 or 3:2. So your wheels will be spinning 150 rpm if the motor is spinning 100 rpm.


@TIFFANY_COLEMAN you can also check out this article located in the VEX Library which goes more into depth about using gears and how to determine which gear is driven vs. driving: Using VEX IQ Plastic Gears, Sprockets, and Pulleys


Thank you!! This helps

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