Gen 2 Snapshot Herobot help thread

Starting a thread to use for Gen 2 Snapshot herobot discussion.

Note: this build uses parts from the Gen 2 competition kit, the education bundle does not have all the parts.

Gen 2 Build Instruction Link

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I am going to try and make a running list (by editing this post) of if/how to build a gen 2 design with using the Gen2 Education Kit. It may take a few days for me to stop editing this post.

Step 15: Requires 3x6 & long flappers. A 2x6 & a 1x6 can be mended together to replace the 3x6. The flappers are also apart of the legacy Vex IQ Competition Add-On kit.

Step 19: Requires puffy tires, we will try a few different gen1 tire options here


Wondering if in step 96 you could get the 200 mm to go from motor to port 1?

Also step 39 called for 25…I think I needed 28 (and thus feel I might have made a mistake)

We are having trouble keeping with our gen 2 herobot pulling in any discs. The tires seem too close to the ground maybe but it can’t bring the disc in to shoot it out. Has anyone had this problem?

Based on your observations, what changes do you think would improve the herobot design? Try those changes out.