Gen 2 Snapshot Herobot help thread

Starting a thread to use for Gen 2 Snapshot herobot discussion.

Note: this build uses parts from the Gen 2 competition kit, the education bundle does not have all the parts.

Gen 2 Build Instruction Link


I am going to try and make a running list (by editing this post) of if/how to build a gen 2 design with using the Gen2 Education Kit. It may take a few days for me to stop editing this post.

Step 15: Requires 3x6 & long flappers. A 2x6 & a 1x6 can be mended together to replace the 3x6. The flappers are also apart of the legacy Vex IQ Competition Add-On kit.

Step 19: Requires puffy tires, we will try a few different gen1 tire options here


Wondering if in step 96 you could get the 200 mm to go from motor to port 1?

Also step 39 called for 25…I think I needed 28 (and thus feel I might have made a mistake)

We are having trouble keeping with our gen 2 herobot pulling in any discs. The tires seem too close to the ground maybe but it can’t bring the disc in to shoot it out. Has anyone had this problem?

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Based on your observations, what changes do you think would improve the herobot design? Try those changes out.


We’re missing pieces from the Gen 2 herobot build. We got our Gen 2 kits delivered in June and we don’t have the 3x6 beams from Step 13 or the small wheels from Step 20. We’re also missing the 12-pitch axles, though those are easy to cut from our 20 pitch axles. Any suggestions for substitutions of the wheels and 3x6 beams though? I’m coaching 4 groups in a 3-day summer camp for this

Is your Gen 2 kit the education kit or competition kit?

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We got education kits and one of the reasons we did that was that the previous hero bots have all been “super kit only” requirements

we are having similar problems, seems that Gen 1 herobot intake mechanism is quite different with Gen 2 herobot intake mechanism. Trying to figure it out or maybe use G1 design

Any updates on this? Got a Club of Year 7s with the Classroom Kits and we’ve just hit the same issues :cry:

What is it that you are looking for an update on?
Can you describe the issues that the teams in your club are facing?

I think only update is that you will need to get education-to-competition upgrade kits (228-7597) if you want to build the snapshot trainer with Generation 2 parts. Nothing is going to change on the trainer’s design.

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OK - was just wondering if anyone had come up with a solution using Gen 1 Parts / other Parts from the Gen 2 Classroom Kits.
I’ve tried suggesting possible ‘solutions’ to the kids, but no idea if they will work, yet!
(Using 2x6s in place of 3x6s; finding longer axles (from V5 uncut); using standoffs from previous year’s Game in place of the 1.5 thickness joining pieces; using pulleys with tyres on them in place of the new wheels)
I feel it’s a bit of a marketing gimmick to insist that kids have the Competition Kit to build the HeroBot - surely they could have created something using the Classroom Kits?
Ach, well… Good for their Engineering Notebooks, I guess!

Agreed. By ‘they’ you meant the students, right?

My son built this and it looks correct. When we try using the code that Vex provides, the left wheel drives in the opposite direction. We can’t see a way to flip the motor and the gears all seem right. I can’t figure out how to change the direction of just the left motor in the “drivetrain”. Did anyone else have this problem?

Seems that there’s no solution yet? We built it but the discs don’t get sucked in (or shot). Not sure what to do?

I have four elementary teams that built Snapshot. Theirs work. Check your axel placement for the rubber bands. Also check the two videos that talk about the robot, they may be able to help.

Some did replace the front axle with the next size up to add some extra stability, you might want to look that as an improvement.

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Are you able to share the video of how the actual shooting mechanism works?

Sorry, my robot center is closed until next week. But these videos from VEX may help:

Introduction to Snapshot
(Time 1:50 is showing it in action)
Modifying Snapshot

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I am having the same trouble. Did you find a solution? The Gen 1 Snapshot bots are pretty straight forward. The second Gen isn’t.