Getting around/over wallbots

Maybe you should take a look at those heavy-duty wallbots that went to worlds.

2W was a 50 or 60 pound beast?

For 8059D, i remember we needed to dismantle and split the robot into 2 boxes, just to meet the luggage weight limit (of 50 pound per luggage).

And we are not even talking about lowering down the brakes yet.

I know v5 motor is powerful… but let’s see how it can drag a 60-pound robot with the brakes lowered down.


I don’t think it would, you just pull one end of it, not the whole thing, so you basically open it like a gate.

Yeah, we’ll have to see about that, my 6m drive bot last year could push 150 lbs so it’s definitely possible to move a lot of weight with v5, plus you aren’t actually moving the entire thing, just one side, basically rotating the wall


Plus you can have both robots pull one side, so I think it’s definitely pullable

There is no such thing as an unstoppable wallbot. The best way for a wallbot to work well are the element of surprise, deploying during auton, and quality construction. but even then, the best offensive robots might be able to find a counter.

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You actually tested this? How?

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I took the wheels off my unfinished Battlebot and had it push it

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Wallbots have never really been effective and I have always felt as if they were against the spirit of the game, violated the entanglement rule and should have been banned by the GDC a long time ago. :roll_eyes:

Just ignore them, you will likely not have to go head to head with one unless that years game was particularly abusable by them.

If you’re thinking of building one - it’s more work than actually playing the game and less effective, so just don’t.


I mean, it definently was more effective for me with my tether wallbot. I never lost a match where the wall deployed, and I could still play the game even with it on, heck, I even got 3rd in skills at an event when I had a wallbot and got to states with that score. They definitely don’t violate entanglement btw and I don’t like people saying it’s “against the spirit of the game” because 1, it says in the manual that its legal and b, Grant said in his q&a on instagram that he really wanted to see a OP wallbot in TT, meaning the chairman of the group that designed the game wanted a wallbot, I don’t know how much more “in the spirit of the game” it gets : P

@Cody if u haven’t seen my bot may I recommend you do :slight_smile: I feel like its a good mesh between playing the game the same way everyone else does, playing it how you want me to play it, and doing the good old annoying stuff wallbots do, while looking cool :dark_sunglasses:

(shameless plug)

Wallbots are actually fairly effective this year (and have been in the past; look at meng and others’ posts). Complete home row and passively deploy the tether wall in auton. You now have an advantage over your opponents with virtually no sacrifice in capability. You still have all 8 V5 motors to build a fully functional snailbot, and with the home row blocked off and under your ownership, literally all you have to do to win the match is own and guard the side and corner goal on one side of the field

Assuming you win auton and successfully block off home row (pretty much guaranteed if it’s done during auton) and guard the two goals (one alliance partner per goal, one can just sit in front of the corner one and the width of the bot will block it), you win the match. Assuming you lose or tie auton (and successfully own and block off homerow), the strategy is the same except you hoard 2 blue balls in addition to guarding and owning the two goals and you win.


the objective of the game is to get more points than the opponent. anything that helps accomplish this goal is “in the spirit of the game”, wallbots included.


I may try to partially replicate that! I love the design @224x!


You’re absolutely wrong. VEX is a learning tool. The game is designed by working professionals who intentionally set objectives that are of increasing difficulty (within a game) so that young possibly soon-to-be engineers can get experience working problems that span the STEM domain.

When you make a wallbot, you are not “playing” the game, you are circumventing the game by denying your opponent their ability to play the game (even after putting in the work to solve those engineering challenges laid out by the GDC) - and as such circumventing your opportunity in a given season to learn new things because you focused your attention on how to not do the thing you were suppose to do, a very teenage-esc way to attack a problem. Have to do HW, don’t want to? Sure go spend 2x the time and energy it takes to actually do the work trying to figure out a way out of it. Sounds like the plot of an Ed Edd and Eddy cartoon. Try doing that in the real world and you get fired.


Imo a wallbot solves the challenge of the game just as well as a purely offensive bot. They spice up the competition, amaze teams, fascinate spectators, and really help the competition fresh. If you weren’t supposed to build a wallbot, the gdc would have made it illegal, like they did in turning point and in the zone with a horizontal expansion limit.
but I see you feel strongly about your opinion, so I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.


May I again point you towards my bot last year, it was a wallbot while still “playing” the game by having it on a tether to another robot. It is totally possible to have a fully capable offensive bot with a wall.

It’s the crybully tactic of VEX and should be frowned upon. No one ever should feel accomplished or smug for making the VRC experience less fun and less rewarding for those who put in the work to play the actual game.

The GDC members read this stuff, they should take note.

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I mean members of the GDC have been noted as enjoying different designs such as wallbots.


I mean I frown upon most of the wall bots in my state because they are bad not because I feel like they take away from my learning experience doing vex.

But denying your opponents points is part of the game. I don’t quite understand your great dislike of wall bots. To be fair people who build wall bots or purely defensive bots have interpreted the way to play the “actual game” differently and there is nothing wrong with that. If their wall is just to good and denies every point from their opponents every time then good for them. They just played the game differently then everyone else then.


I personally agree that wallbots are detrimental to most VEX games, but this is too far. No one should be shamed for doing something completely legal.


A) you have to put more work in to make a new design i.e. a wallbot then be a meta slave and “play the game”

B) you should always feel accomplished for being innovative, and if they wanted they could try to invent something new to counter your wallbot

C) don’t throw a fit just because someone played defense, if you go into a competition expecting no defence you are being very naive

Ima stop replying to you for a bit because you seem very heated and narrow minded right now, you seem to only see your point and only consider it. I get how it can be frustrating to play against but there are ways to counter it. Your being very grown-up-esc right now in your narrow-mindedness. Sure don’t look for other solutions to the problem if one already works.


Why are you always such a downer? I personally love seeing unique designs like wallbots! They make the gameplay much more interesting and strategic, and they break up the monotony of always facing the same meta design. A few wallbots sprinkled in occasionally keep teams on their toes and force them to come up with new strategies. Well-designed wallbots are just as much in the spirit of the game as offensive bots, especially if incorporated into an offensive design like @224x.