Getting power screen for motors, trouble shooting friction

Hey all, just thought it would be good to post this here. This is my first time actually posting on these forums so excuse me if this isn’t how things are usually done.

I have made a video going over how to get to the screen to see the stats of the motors plugged into the brain. This is very useful when troubleshooting friction, but I noticed a lot of people I talked to on the vex discord don’t know that this is even a thing. As a result I made this video to hopefully show anyone who doesn’t know about this as it is a very useful feature. Hope it helps to anyone who doesn’t know about this yet!


This is useful to teams doing a one motor flywheel. However, it seems that a lot of teams are doing a 2 motor flywheel and to diagnose friction on that you need a custom program.

No you do not. I went over this towards the end of my video but yes if you do have two motors or more connected together then yes you can’t power the motor with the devices menu to troubleshoot friction. However you can power both motors with your program and use the devices menu to see the power draw when they are both running.

You can use this to troubleshoot friction no matter how many motors you have. Last year I used this to troubleshoot friction on my drivetrain that had four motors all connected together with gears


I’m having a session on Wed with all my adult mentors on how to run the motors / read all the sensors from the screen. All the roboteers will then get it next week as part of their training.

But the message always is “Keep the Motor in the Happy Zone!”


A expanded option is to query the motors in your code and display this data to the brain and/or controller directly. You can also monitor temp, degrees, target velocity, and much more. You can capture average motor load during a run instead of just seeing instantaneous values.

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