Good team names?

I’m a sophomore team going to states and very possibly worlds with my skills score and improvements still to come. And my team name is doctor pepper. Nothing wrong with that, it’s kinda funny but like. I want something that pops and is kinda cool sounding. Any suggestions?

What most teams have are names that start with their team letter. For example, my team is 7432E and our name is EquinoX. The best team names are those that are unique and stands out the most. Usually teams with names that relate to astronomy, science, physics and stuff like that are cool, thats just my personal opinion. But honestly its whatever you feel is best.

My name is just my gamertag.


Honestly, think of any robotics/engineering/programming related puns and see if you find a name that you like, if not then you can always base it off of an animal that your team likes.

yeah I agree. Some of the ohio teams have a space theme with names Like Artemis and Challenger

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Dr. Pepper would be a good name

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Astronomy related or technology related sounds good. Make sure the name is out of the box.

Our rival team memebers don’t like snakes. So we named ours snake byte. Then I made a logo in photoshop. image


A funny pun(my team name) is heavy metal

I use all aluminum

Something like this is nice and creative imo

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All the names my team has came up with are not appropriate for this forum.


Dr. Pepper is pretty memorable so I would keep that. Usually something random or extreme makes you memorable. Our team was going to go with “The Metal Devils” if we were 666666 but we were team 66661A instead and decided to name our team after the area (Innovation Park) as “The Innovators”. We’re pretty memorable with the uncomfortable amount of 6s.


I would choose something that is very meaningful to you and your team. Look for stuff deep in your heart and then try to think of something robotics related. Our team loves vex and swords so our name is related to that :crossed_swords:

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Also, you could take all the first or last names of your team members and put it into an anagram maker and hope you get something cool


Ah yes, we got RICE for ours

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The funny thing is that we all eat Rice





We eat Rice
We eat life
And we eat Us

team poultry (20 characters)

i think prime is cool, don’t question it

Its really up to your team to discover it. Personally, our team likes to name ourselves after computer errors, or “Critical Errors” if you must, after our nicknames of different parts of our bot, or just the bot itself over the years. We started because in our first year we had a “blue screen of death” (Starstruck) and it kept on going with things such as our “CAPS-Lock” (TP) and other things like that. Don’t worry too much about something that “pops”, as it will come to y’all eventually and you and your team will grow to like it. And judging by how you describe y’all are doing, once your name gets known, it will “pop” for sure.