Gyro Questions

Our Instructor stated that we can mount the gyro in any orientation, but when we tried our autonomous our robot spun forever. We just mounted it right side up and it worked, but with new teams wanting to mount it sideways I wanted to figure it out for them, can we mount it for the logo sideways or does it have to be straight up.


The VEX IQ gyro is a 1 Axis Gyro so it must be mounted with the top face (with circular arrow printed on it) pointing up or down to allow it to sense the turning of the robot. FYI: the VRC V5 Inertial Sensor has 3 Axes, so it can be mounted in any of the 6 directions.


And also the 2nd Generation IQ brain with built in inertial sensor can be mounted in any orientation. But as above, the 1st Generation Gyro needs to be mounted through the correct axis, ideally with the Z at the top.