Gyroscope sensor and accelerometer for competitions

Hey so my team and I are looking for what to get for next years competition because we are buying the v5 kits and we saw the gyro scope and the accelerometer and were wondering if we could use these during the competitions on our robot because it would make coding our robot a lot easier

It wouldn’t make it easier - they are some of the more difficult sensors to program. But, if you can figure out how use them, they are invaluable, making autonomouses(?) almost surefire as opposed to “50-50”. If you can figure them out, they are a great investment that can boost your robots autonomous capabilities by a lot. If not, they might become just a piece that sits in your sensors box, waiting to be used. (It is worth the money, though.)

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yeah one of my team mates has had experience with them already and already know how to do them so it would be great to actually make sure that our robot makes it almost every time instead of messing up for some reason like they always do

There are multiple threads about gyro drift, you could probably find some good information by searching for gyro drift. If you know how to program a gyro, it’s well worth the money.

yeah i just sort of wanna know if they are able to be used with the v5 kits and on the competitions because they look a bit sketchy

As @gilmorkn472 said Gyroscope could be very useful for autonomous programming, but only on the more advanced after you have reached the limit of the accuracy that quad encoders built into V5 motors could give you.

If you have an easy time understand math in 5225A tracking document and QCC2 Gyro code, and you could imagine yourself spending two months in the summer perfecting your autonomous navigation, then Gyro is a good investment.

Accelerometer, on the other hand is less useful. The best usage for it, as far as I know, would be as a tilt sensor and, also, to detect possible collisions with other robots during autonomous.

Over the last few seasons the only time we found a good use for it was during Skyrise. If the lift was extending all the way up and would start to tilt we used accelerometer to detect it and limit drivetrain acceleration in the direction that would make tilting even worse.