Happy little accidents

I apologize if this has already been done but I have a simple question for all of you. I’ll take this down if it’s too similar to another thread.
What is you’re most functional unintended feature of your robot?
To start this off, I was messing around last night and accidentally made a passive hoarder underneath our pooper. It works very well and allows us to retrieve the hoarded ball when we need to.


This is more of a technique applicable to many robots than a feature, but it was an accident nonetheless. In Rise Above, I was practicing driving and I found that you can use the riser(s) in your claw as a wedge and just barrel through other risers to get to the other side of the field. They don’t get in the way or get stuck on the robot, and it just works. Pretty useful, and lots of fun to do.


I fell over in one tower takeover match. However, I broke a traybots antitip when I fell, and I was able to bet back up, and he fell over.


Can we please not start another pointless chit chat thread? It’s seriously starting to wear on my enthusiasm for visiting this forum. There are enough chat threads already, we absolutely do not need a new one.


Dude. I haven’t made one in a while and tbh, CC/RC exists for a reason. If the mods agreed, then we wouldn’t be able to make one. This isn’t pointless either, as it allows teams to share incidental innovations that individuals may find interesting. You post this for nearly every new CC/RC thread so can you at least change it up a little? Not everything has to be interesting for you.


I would disagree, but I really don’t feel like arguing about it. I’m just going to add this thread to my ever-increasing list of muted topics.

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Fine by me. I don’t want to argue about this either. Nobody asked for this drama. If you want to mute this, go ahead. No need to try to take away someone else’s fun just because it isn’t your thing.



:thinking: But when you make pointless threads it’s perfectly fine


Ah, I didn’t realize it was possible for an opinion to change over the course of two years. I apologise, won’t happen again.

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Um, didn’t you also make a thread that could create potential spam? Something about finding who viewed the forum the most and stuff like that.

Nope, DRow created that one. It was a split off of a discussion in a different topic.

Pretty sure you asked him to do that.

the biggest happy little accident created in vex was the chit chat mill
we had memes and wanted to share more fun things than the memes and so we filled a ton of the forum with it
not bad honestly but certainly accidental


Three days ago, I was paired up with team 839A for the finals match of the 2/2/2021 Live Remote Tournament. After about 7 practice matches, and failing once or twice, we were only ever able to get stacks in 8 of the 9 goals, and one riser in the last one. Then, when we were up for the finals match, 839A was somehow able to score a stack in that last goal, giving us the max score of 306 for the finals match!!! That was probably the most exciting accident I’ve had in robotics.


After you polluted his thread with off topic stuff.

Ok I think we should stop arguing about this now. Just stop. We all have our ups and downs. Move on with the topic.


My most happy accident is when I stumbled upon the STEM lab.


I noticed my teams bot looked pretty great in the trash