Has anyone ever made a game on the brains before like Snake or a card game?

I’m trying to put a game on the brain but idk if it’s been (or can be) done. I also don’t know if I should use the blocks or a text language or should I use PROS? I could use any help, tips, exampes, and/or any useful information in general.

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someone made doom
yes it is possible,
you should probably use text code for this if you are really committed
Also there are multiple topics about this so please use the search bar


And there is a GameBoy Advance emulator as well:


Snake game that I made a few months ago:

I made it in Vexcode pro, but you should be able to do the same in PROS. I would advise against using blocks because it can be very limiting in what you can do with more complicated programs.


You can use PROS. while I don’t know pros and currently use vexcode, I have been considering switching for an awful while now. I’m currently making a game engine, and that game engine (since it only uses standard c++) can be ported to the vex brain. It’s an ASCII engine, and it isn’t very far yet, but once I completely finish the graphics and make it easier for others to write in, I can begin work on all the Enemy classes and Projectiles. And hopefully colors. On the vex brain you can totally use colors though so