Has science gone too far? Is this lift real or fake? (DR4B)



Woah that’s really impressive. Since its so fast, it might be hard to control the height due to all the momentum, but if you can control it that would make the robot crazy good. Do you intend on creating a chainbar on top and making it the bot an internal stacker?

You are going to be launching cones rather than stacking them…

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No he’s going to be tipping over at the start of a match… tbt to when the Ripper deployed :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think about that, but it will be REALLY hard to control

It is real and possible. But still back to 2 main questions :

  1. can you control it?
  2. is it too flimsy to withstand the knocks during competition?

@antichamber pls don’t Swiss cheese your lift…

Fast? Yes. However, because he is using a piston, he has only two positions he can put the lift in, so I don’t really see a good application for it.


he’s clearly using motors, there actually aren’t any pistons on the robot.

You should look at the bot closely before commenting…

:expressionless: Perhaps… I didn’t watch it fullscreen so I thought the support thing was the piston. Will take your advice…

Wow! Maybe too much weight reduction? :wink:

I basically I had the same questions when I first saw the video. Another concern that I foresee is it’s longevy. How well will it last over time?

With an arm that light, I’m interested to see how light your cone intake will be.

Does it move downward with the same speed? Or are you using elastics in a kind of over-the-center configuration with the motor serving only to “trigger” it?

Pretty Fest

This is funny to see how fast you can make the lift go, but I really hope you invest in some stronger materials and I really really hope this doesn’t “inspire” any new teams to build a lift like this.

1x1 L-Channels and 25 Hole bar are poor load bearing members normally (except for in tension, maybe), but having Swiss-Cheesed them the lift might as well be built out of Popsicle sticks. A particularly strong wind is going to convert this robot into aluminum spaghetti long before it makes it into the actual competition.

I don’t want to be rude and abrasive, but with a lot of new teams on the forums, it needs to be pointed out that doing things like this in the name of “weight savings” on crucial systems is a terrible idea.

Did you also remove the PTC to reduce weight?

Oh come on, just remove the batteries and cortex… that will reduce weight…

Doesn’t surprise me that it goes so fast. Most people don’t realize it, but VEX motors can supposedly do 14.76 pounds, which means you could have your mobile goal intake on a 2:1 and it should still work.

you’re going to want to program it to be a little slower, though. But keep the speed ready, you might need it one day.