Help connecting an aditional Microcontroller

Hi! i’m a new programmer in vex U, and my team wants to try to connect an Arduino, any help in how to start?

To what?
What for?

I don’t have a lot of experience with Arduinos personally, but I am sure there are many people on the forums who could help you… they just might need a little more information about what you are trying to do.


We are trying to make all the calculations from the brain into the microcontroller to minimize the use of the brain for only moving the motors.

But why ?

Arduino running at 16MHz (or perhaps a newer one with esp32-s3 at 240MHz) vs the V5 with dual ARM A9 @ 666MHz

fun project but the V5 has a far more powerful processor than an Arduino.


Yeah, certain modules of those are also MUCH cheaper than Arduinos (In addition to being more powerful).

I did this with an ESP32 to control my robot over wifi for fun. If you want to connect a microcontroller, the smart ports can all act as generic serial ports, and combined with an RS485 transceiver, you can easily interface it with any serial-compatible device. They also have a ~12V output, which can power said device assuming the board can handle it. An ESP32 has a lower max voltage input, thus would need an external power regulator, but an Arduino Uno should be fine.


An important aspect of embedded system programming, which sometimes may be even more important than total processing power, is “hard real time” responsiveness to external events.

Many embedded systems have dual processors: one running system software with guaranteed short response time to external events, and another runs user applications that may have deep call stack and are not safe to interrupt unless programmed with multi-thread safety in mind.

V5 has dual processor internally: