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hello, I’m a teacher in italy school and we have bought vex robot. We started to work with VEX CODE IQ and I’m browsing snapcad software. we have also bought a 3d printer and i have read that vexrobotic provide file to print robot component by 3d printer. I thought these files were in step format (i’m really a beginner) but my 3d printer software doesn’t know step format. Moreover snapcad doesn’t provide a file to print by 3d printer. So could you help me to clarify how can I use the vexrobotic files in step format ? Moreover where can I find the file to print by 3d printer the robot components?
Many thanks

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, I don’t think you are allowed to 3D print VEX IQ pieces to build your robot with, per rule R7 h in the game manual which states:

3D printed components, such as replicas of legal VEX IQ parts or custom designs, are not legal for Robot use.

The only piece that you are allowed to 3D print are the nameplates (the pieces that go on your robot not to help with robot construction, but just to display your team number clearly).

If you wanted to make a VEX IQ robot that wasn’t planning to compete in competitions, you can use 3D printed replicas of official VEX IQ parts, but for your robot to be legal for competitions, you unfortunately can’t use 3D printed pieces for building your robot.

As for where to find the step files, I’m not really sure, but I’m sure that other people could answer your question about it.

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum @mirkov!
3d printers require the step files that you have to be converted into a set of instructions to allow them to print it. The majority of printers use gcode, so I’d recommend getting ultimaker cura. It is free easy to use (Ultimaker Cura: Tutorial: Another thing to consider is that unless you have a self leveling printer, you will need to level the bed. Here’s a video that will show you how to level it: Using the method it shows in the video, you should get a bed leveling program from thingiverse ( Just look up the name of your printer + bed leveling). Once your printer is leveled you’ll want to do a test print, and benchy is what most people use to make sure their printer is working right (
That should be everything you need to get your printer printing. If you have any questions, please ask


many thanks for your reply. So far we are not involved in competitions…we are just Learning how does our material works…so we would test our 3d printer with some files and we thought to find file in vex robot environment…so just to test the printer and not to update the robot components….you write “you can use 3D printed replicas of official VEX IQ parts” but where can i find them? Bye

very usefull information!! I will start to work on them!!! Thanks a lot!!

The Cad files of all vex parts can be found on the website.

They have the cad files from the site, but they need to convert them into something the printer can read

sorry to bother you again, I have downloaded the suggested software but it seems a software equivalent to my 3d printer sw, I mean, ultimaker cura can open just 3d printable file (eg gcode) I cannot open the file in .step
maybe I have misunderstood something….

That makes more sense. In that case I’d recommend using an online converter to convert the files to stl, which cura (and maybe the software for your printer?) can take. I looked up step to stl converter and got this, but I cannot confirm if it works well. If not just look up step to stl and go down the results until one works.
Now I see that your printer came with it’s own slicing software (the software that converts your 3d creations into code for the machine), however I’d still recommend using cura because it probably is better

I was pretty busy actually Don’t worry I have no life


great job!! It works!! thanks again!! take a Holiday!! ;o)