Help me!

How do I use a vision sensor to help adjust the drive train in driver control without changing the speed or it stopping to turn.

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Can you explain what you mean?


Please post your code, or at least give us a better understanding of what you want us to help with. Thanks


so you know how in autonomous people use pid to get to the ball and tower better. I want those slight adjustments in driver control.

I don’t think it’s practical or reasonable to use vision sensor ball tracking in driver control, you’ll be much more accurate and much much faster just manually turning to face the balls.


Ok My driver can get really worked up and nervous so he doesn’t drive well sometimes and that’s why I was asking

Driver practice is a far better investment than vison sensor assisted driver control.


If your driver can’t drive well under pressure, they need more practice, or maybe shouldn’t be the driver.


He also captain so you know how that goes

I know what it is like to have someone want to drive, but not be as skilled as someone else. Having a bad driver can ruin your team. I would highly recommend convincing him not to drive if he is easily flustered.


he is good but he gets nervous

If it’s a big enough issue for him to make someone else create an overcomplicated solution rather than work on his own issues, then he isn’t being a good driver or captain.


He isn’t making me I just want to do better. He is a good driver but any good driver can get better or use assistance

You can look into using alternative programming assists:

  1. What do you think is a more efficient way to drive your robot?
  2. Optimizing Exponential Drive?
  3. Programming Opcontrol

I linked them in order of which ones you should read first. Additionally, you will find it very helpful to read the entire thread.

In terms of driver’s practice, I would recommend recording your practice sessions and reviewing the clips. It’s a good way for the driver to analyze their performance and pinpoint improvements.

Aside from that, the driver should be the one with the coolest nerves and easiest access to the field and robot. Time is not a negotiable factor in driver’s practice.