Help VEX Flywheel shooting in the three point zone

This is a last-ditch effort as the Vex IQ Worlds is in nine days for my team and me (we are ES), but here it goes. We are currently a flywheel robot, and our shooter is generally inconsistent. On a good day, it seems to only shoot in the three-point zone and, god forbid, the four. Sometimes it doesn’t want to work well and plugs into the two. We could get 180-200 points on a good run, but we are limited to only shooting in the three. We have a purple dispenser that is a little wheel and gets the discs directly out of the purple dispenser, but it seems to slow down the shooting even when not used drastically. The purple dispenser mechanism is chained straight to the other end of the flywheel shaft. When we remove the chain, the shooter seems to improve as it shoots to the four (sometimes) but consistently to three (unlike our current version). I’ve inspected how the discs enter the flywheel, and it seems pretty correct. Even with generation two batteries, battery percentage also significantly affects how far we shoot. Sometimes while driving, it sounds like the flywheel motor stops spinning and then runs back up again. I don’t know if I built the robot wrong or if there is something I am missing.

A picture/video would be useful.

This is what I suggest you to try first to see if mechanically there is something fundamentally incorrect. Let your robot only feed a single disc into your shooter. If the discs barely gets into the 4 pt zone at 100% motor velocity, then the flywheel isn’t going faster enough and you might need to look again what your gear ratio it is or does the system have too much friction.

I hope that helps.


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Sounds like you are using the same motor to empty the purple dispenser and spin your flywheel.??

This might cause enough extra friction on the flywheel axle to make it too slow to shoot the discs as far as you want to. Can you use another motor to do the purple dispenser?

Not sure if this is relevant, but why not?