Help with split arcade please

Hey I’m a new programmer and I’m having some trouble with coding split arcade. I don’t know why but when I turn only one way works. What I mean by that is that it can only turn left but cannot turn right. Please help.

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Could you post your code so we can help?

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The concept looks sound. But I am guessing what you are seeing is that when you press forward or reverse on your controller, your robot spins. And when you go left or right on the controller, your robot goes forwards or backwards?

If so, you need to reverse which ever motor is going the wrong way. Hold your robot off the ground and press forwards on your controller, Look at the wheels to see which motor is going the wrong way.
Then in your motor setup, you can reverse whichever one is wrong:



I tried this but it’s not working.

It’s ok I fixed it I just went to right arcade and switch the joy sticks a little