Help with VexIQ parts library for Onshape

Does anyone have a VexIQ parts library for Onshape? There are a few coaches and STEM teachers that are looking for one. Since we haven’t been able to find anything suitable, we are planning on creating our own.

The new parts library would be similar to this VRC version:

It would have:

  • All the individual parts categorized into a folder hierarchy
  • Composite parts (like omni-wheels) grouped so that they do not separate once imported
  • Meaningful descriptions for parts
  • Meaningful Bill of Materials
  • Public permissions so that anyone can use it
  • Be kept up to date when new products are released

There is some tedious work involved in creating a library like this. But if more people work on it, then it will get done quicker. Please message me if you can help.

This isn’t exactly what you were looking for and doesn’t have descriptions for all the parts, but you can find the step files for Vex IQ parts at

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Yea, that will be the starting input. Importing those files is time-consuming and there is some cleanup after import. Having a parts library alleviates that issue, once the library is set up.

Here is the completed VexIQ parts library for Onshape. Thank you to @Rene_Mercer for coming up with the idea to create this and for doing half the work.

The name of the library is “VexIQ Parts Lib 2021”. Search for that document name when inserting parts into assemblies.

Level 5 of this video series describes how to use a parts library in Onshape. CAD Level 1 - Getting Started with Onshape for VEX Robotics - YouTube The videos use Vex V5 examples, but the same concepts apply to VexIQ.