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Almost like it was designed to not fit under the bar without some modifications. :wink:


Yep! Ours is also too wide for the rules (but we used Omni wheels).

It fills the entire 11" width with regular wheels. Ours has shafts that are too long so they stick over currently.

With the current positioning of the brain and available ports there is no way to drive it as is correct? With only ports 1-6 available so you would have to reprogram to use the right side control stick I believe. Still new to a lot of the inner workings.

Fling will work with the default drive program just fine, provided you configure it correctly and plug things into the correct ports, which are slightly different from the instructions:

  • Left drive motor on 1
  • Right drive motor on 6
  • Catapult and intake motors on 4 and 5 (choose which you want where – 4 will be controlled by the right shoulder buttons, 5 by the right face buttons).
  • In the options (select “driver control”, then “configure”), set “Drive Fwd” to “Reverse” and pick whatever drivetrain control scheme you like – my preference is for “left stick” since the catapult and intake controls will both be on the right.

(the built-in drive program is surprisingly versatile! More info on pages 15 and 16 of the control system user guide)

And if you want to use the bumper to hold the catapult at the ready-to-launch position, you’ll need to write your own code for that.


How did you fix the problem?

The team that built this did it on Day 1-2 of the new season, they tested it and quickly moved on to other designs. If I recall correctly, if everything is tight, it does fit in the 11" box, but barely.

Have the team evaluate the frame and locate somewhere they can take out 1/4-1/2" by reducing cross beams by 1 or 2 holes.

Check this out, if built correctly, it should fit.


Has anyone noticed that it is too wide with the omni wheels to pass inspection? We went to a skills only practice tournament and the inspection judge said it wouldn’t fit through the inspection gate. Is there an easy fix before I start to tear it apart to gain a 1/16" of an inch?

I would suggest switching to traction wheels. The traction wheels are a bit thinner than the omni wheels. And since the wheels are so close together, it won’t really change the way it drives.


All three of my teams are having trouble getting the right wheels to work. We have tried everything we can think of, but with no success. Any suggestions??

Do the right wheels work when you plug the motor’s wire into the port that the left wheels are in?

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Hello. I am having problems with my fling. It is not fling properly making it a big problem to rack up points. Any help?

Well, Fling is not designed to “rack up points” but rather is a “trainer” designed to play the current game at a basic level. It is an “OK” (but intentionally not great) robot that novice teams can build to learn how the VEX IQ building system works, and if necessary, bring to a competition and at least score some points.

The fling mechanism will work properly if it is built properly, so go back through the instructions, perhaps to the point of rebuilding the mechanism that is not working. Once you know the basics of how to build with VEX IQ, then you could go through the design process, documenting the work in your engineering notebook, on your journey to build the best design possible for your team.


If they can high hang, then they can shoot



I’ve been watching this thread for any other build updates to the basic instructions. I think I saw some team post a link to their website with all of their build updates, but I can’t find it. Is that something I imagined?

Caution Tape put something together based on the information in this thread.


That’s what I was looking for, THANKS! Wonder if VEX will update their instructions with these changes.


I just looked through the Fling build instructions and it looks like most/all of those issues have been corrected.


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