Is Fling legal?

A perfectly built fling rubs both sides of the size tool and has to be somewhat forced through. Without pressure from both sides it definitely breaks the plane on one side of the 11” width of the starting box. Is Fling meant to be a legal robot? With IQ events starting this weekend I’d hate to tell teams their robot is out of size if they built Fling.


It would be up to the judge/inspector if they allow it but most will give you the benefit of the doubt and let you compete but some might not so I wouldn’t recommend it.

To answer the question about legal, the only place we can look is the game manual, R5. There is no special dispensation for the trainer build, Fling; therefore, as built it appears to be out of the legal size.

This being said, however, in an early season event, if a novice team shows up with a Fling trainer rather than their own design, I would probably pass the Fling trainer with a “tape measure check” and a warning to the team that they will need a legal size robot if they plan to compete at higher level events (which is not likely, anyway, for a team that uses a trainer at competition, so why send the team away? Let them compete with what they have).

The judges have nothing to do with inspection, and often do not know the specific game rules well. Inspectors at most events are usually the referees, and hopefully, sometime soon, can be certified.


Has anyone come up with a quick fix on how to reduce the spacing between the drive rails on Fling ?

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CAD file for Fling shows that it should be under 11", but we all know that “But it worked in CAD!!!” is not a legitimate excuse.

So let’s check THE Fling. This is the Fling that all other Flings have been modeled after. This is the OG. This is the Fling that started it all. This is your Fling’s great great great grandmother. And she fits.

if fling fits